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Policrysltalline Solutions supplies ISO standard tooling systems for turning, boring, milling, grooving and threading. We can also provide indexable, disposable ISO standard carbide inserts. These are available in all current CVD and PVD coated, as well as cermet and ceramic grades. We are a designated First Class Distributor for the complete INGERSOLL CUTTING TOOLS range of tooling products and a main agent for CDP Diamond Products. As Polycrystalline Solutions is independent of all these manufacturers however, our engineers are free to give you impartial cutting tool advice and create the solution that’s right for you – and you only.

Just in Time As part of our commitment to flexibility and working around you, Polycrystalline Solutions offers a free just in time (JIT) service to help you manage emergencies or production surges. With JIT there are no minimum order requirements, just an opportunity to make savings in warehousing, stock control and administration costs while modernizing operational systems. To discuss your ISO standard tooling needs, call us

Taylormade Cutting Tools – The very latest Materials Technology

Our Taylormade Cutting Tool services cover all cutting tool technologies including:


PCD Cutting Tools

 ideal for machining non ferrous and non metallic materials.


PCBN Cutting Tools

for ferrous materials such as hardened steel and nodular iron.


Ceramic Cutting Tools

for high speed cutting at extreme temperatures


Cermet Inserts

where long tool life and wear resistance are critical

Cutting tool repair and regrind services

Polycrystalline Solutions provide a cutting tool repair service for the refurbishment of damaged ISO standard or special turning and milling tools. Repaired cutting tools are returned in a condition equal to a new product, providing cost savings when compared to the cost of purchasing a new replacement tool. Available for custom as well as ISO standard turning and milling tools, the service provides exceptional levels of accuracy and quality control, enabling you to maintain the pocket precision and repeatability you need.
Cutting Tool Repair – Milling Cutters shown before and after refurbishment 

PCD and CBN Tooling - Regrind, Retipping

We provide a regrind and relap service to reconstitute the effective cutting edges on your PCBN and PCD tooling. The service, which removes the wear on your cutting tools, is available at a fraction of the cost of a new tool. Time is money, so we provide the fastest possible turnaround on cutting tool repair, regrind and refurbishment projects. Once we’ve assessed your damaged tools, we’ll provide you with a quote. Once you’ve approved the quote, we’ll get straight to work on your cutting tools, which will arrive back with you in as-new condition.

Vendor Managed Solutions – Vending Machines

How VMI works: Polycrystalline solutions will supply vending machines at your site to dispense the products that your personnel use on a regular basis. You’ll be able to issue individuals with their personalized point-of-use ordering card, fob or access code. This limits the products they can access to those specific to their role or location Through a stock level agreement designed around you, we will ensure your stocks are replenished regularly. You will receive comprehensive management information including usage reports, budget control and stock levels.     As well as cutting out purchase orders and reducing other procurement-related administration, VMI will save you money through reduced inventory. You’ll also have greater control over the number of products and suppliers you use.

Your Polycrystalline Solutios VMI is ideal for products such as:
Cutting tools
MRO consumables
Spare parts
Maintenance products
Fasteners and fixings
Inspection and measuring equipment